Gospel-Centered; Missionally-Focused

2 Pillars Church–Northeast (2PCNE) is a gospel-centered, missionally-focused church.

By gospel-centered we mean that we are all about the gospel, the “good news” of Jesus. Everything we do centers around the good news of Jesus' life, death, resurrection, reign, and rule. The gospel is the drum we beat and the note we sound. We are all about Jesus.

Missionally-focused means that we do not simply exist for ourselves, but rather we want others to hear the good news of Jesus, see His effect in our lives, and be drawn into the gospel of Jesus too.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to reach the unreached for Christ and to transform the city of Lincoln by loving God and loving people.

This is a vision that is bigger than us, but includes us.

Our Name

The name, 2 Pillars Church, was born out of two Old Testament passages which describe the same event: 1 Kings 7:15-22 and 2 Chronicles 3:15-17. These two passages recount the two pillars that King Solomon constructed in front of the temple, naming them Jachin and Boaz. The name Jachin means “He establishes.” The name Boaz means “in Him is strength.”

2 Pillars Church only exists because God has established it. As Jesus continues His work by His Spirit through 2 Pillars Church, this name serves as a reminder that this whole thing was brought forth by Him alone and for Him alone. As 2 Pillars Church grows and as we grow as individuals, we must always remember that our strength is in the One who created us.


As a church, we are partnered together on a larger scale with the Acts 29 NetworkConverge Worldwide, and The Gospel Coalition.

2 Pillars Church


We are a new church plant of 2 Pillars Church (2pc), a five-year old congregation located in Lincoln’s Near South neighborhood. From the very beginning, the vision for 2 Pillars Church was big:

To reach the unreached for Christ and to transform the city of Lincoln by loving God and loving people.

Reach the unreached? Transform the city? This vision was especially compelling because planting a single church in Lincoln was never the goal or desired end—this is hardly a vision to be realized by a single church. Rather, 2 Pillars was to be a church-planting church—a church that plants more churches that plant more churches.

Since then, we’ve seen God work in powerful ways in and through 2PC. We’ve seen people saved and lives transformed by the power of the gospel. What began as twenty people meeting in the dark, dirty basement of an old bar in downtown Lincoln, NE has become a vibrant church embedded in the Lincoln’s Near South Neighborhood.


For years now, we’ve been praying that God would grow 2 Pillars into a church-planting church. We are convinced that now is the time to begin this work of planting another gospel-centered, missionally-focused church in the northeast corner of our city. And so, the next chapter of the 2 Pillars Church story begins in Havelock...