What Is a Launch Team?

One church planting organization explains that a Launch Team is:

Comprised of people who are completely on board with the planter and the vision of the church (including its theology AND philosophy of ministry) and willing to dedicate themselves to the successful launching of the church under the leadership of the planter.

More specifically, they are committed to:

  1. Praying regularly for the plant, planter, the community, and one another
  2. Giving sacrificially
  3. Being trained in regular meetings by the planter
  4. Using their gifts and talents in ministry
  5. Reaching out to and inviting their Christian and non-Christian friends and associates

Similarly, our Launch Team is a group of people who desire to dedicate themselves to the successful planting of 2 Pillars Church–Northeast, working alongside and under the leadership of church planter, Adam Stahr

How to Join the Launch Team

Are you interested in partnering with us and committing to being a part of the 2 Pillars Church–Northeast Launch Team? Simply want more information about our Launch Team? Please take a few moments to fill out our Partnership Form.