Location and Time Change for June 4 Worship Gathering

On June 4 we will wrap up our seven-week series on the Lord's Supper, The Body & The Blood, by gathering with 2 Pillars Near South for a special joint Communion service. This will take the place of our regular worship gathering.

The service will take place in the 2 Pillars Near South auditorium, which means a change of time and location for us. Here are the details:

2 Pillars Church Communion Service

WHO: All are invited to worship with us!
WHERE: 2 Pillars Church–Near South Auditorium (1430 South Street)
WHEN: 10:00 (15 minutes earlier than our usual gathering time)

Spread the word regarding the time and location change.

We hope you will be able to join us on June 4 as we worship together with our brothers and sisters in the Near South as one church!